Donor Feature: Hannaford Supermarkets

May 5, 2023

For many people in Maine, Hannaford is a household name. It’s part of their weekly routine – the place where they pick up carrot sticks for their children’s lunches, or eggs and sugar to bake a cake for their spouse’s birthday, or milk and bread before the big storm. In that way, everyone’s local Hannaford is an essential part of their community.  

But beyond providing groceries, Hannaford Supermarkets uplifts Maine communities by supporting causes that make a difference to the people that live in them.  

Sherri Stevens, Community Relations Manager, has worked at Hannaford for 35 years in various roles, but her work in community relations is what makes her heart sing. She sees it as an important opportunity to dig into Maine communities, to understand the greatest challenges facing Mainers, and to provide funding and support in a way that creates a sustainable and positive impact. 

That’s why Hannaford gave a $5000 grant to Camp Susan Curtis to help food-insecure children from across the State of Maine have access to life-changing outdoor programs at camp this summer.  

“Camp Susan Curtis makes a difference in lives one at a time.”

“Hannaford focuses on supporting health and wellness, child and family development, and food access across the state of Maine,” said Sherri. “And Camp Susan Curtis hits on all three. Through this program, children facing economic hardship have the opportunity to go to camp – an experience that every child should have. It’s a place where they can meet new friends, feel a sense of connection, and have fun in the great outdoors in this beautiful state.” 

Camper Kale enjoying some fresh watermelon last summer

When presented with the opportunity to support CSC, and the impact it has on children across the state, Sherri couldn’t help but reflect on her own experiences as a lifelong Mainer. 

“When I think about Camp Susan Curtis, I think about my own childhood growing up in a small town in Northern Maine. There were so many people around me who would have benefitted from the experiences that CSC offers. Knowing this drives me to work hard to give those experiences to as many kids as we can in our communities. Camp Susan Curtis makes a difference in lives one at a time. If we want our children to be healthy, and if we want our state to be healthy long-term, then our number one priority has to be investing in our youth.”

“When we’re nourishing children’s minds and bodies, we can feel confident that they will reach their dreams.”

Through this partnership, Hannaford is helping Camp Susan Curtis realize our organizations’ shared hopes for Maine communities – to give children the tools they need to grow, develop, and lead healthy lives. 

“When we’re nourishing children’s minds and bodies we can feel confident that they will reach their dreams,” said Sherri. “I want that for every child in the state of Maine. And I feel that same passion from Camp Susan Curtis.”

Through their grant to CSC, Sherri and Hannaford Supermarkets are doing exactly that – giving children facing economic hardship from across the state the opportunity to build confidence, find a sense of belonging, and develop the healthy habits and skills that will help them believe in themselves and achieve their dreams.

Do you want to get your organization involved with camp? CLICK HERE to learn more about how you can make a difference for Maine kids just like Hannaford Supermarkets.

“Something I learned from camp this year is one, to be more mature so I can be the best role model possible for younger campers. Another thing I learned was to use my voice more and to be less shy, this will help me in the future by being able to speak up not only for myself but for my friends and people who need someone to speak up for them.”