Our Supporters

The community root system of Camp Susan Curtis is diverse and vital.

We rely on individual and organization donors to ensure that Maine children facing economic hardship have this unique opportunity to grow, have fun, and acquire skills that support their futures.

Thank you to our statewide supporters!


Richard & Barbara O’Leary Foundation

Scott Searway

Woody Jones

Mr. Mal Davis

Gene Spender

Robin Taylor-Chiarello

Governor Janet Mills


Robert and Dorothy Goldberg Charitable Foundation


Rich and Rhonda Emerson


Trust Fund


Stephen and Laura Beckmann

Davenport Trust Fund 

Fisher Charitable Foundation 

Thomas Anthony Pappas Charitable Foundation

Franklin Savings Bank 

Karen J. Hanson 

Mildred H. McEvoy Foundation

Robert and Dorothy Goldberg Charitable Foundation 

Lois Lowry

Helen & George Ladd Charitable Corporation

Alice Pendleton Stevens Foundation

100 Men Who Care of Southern Maine

Governor Ken and Polly Curtis 

Anne Isaak


Michael Pizzo & Maria Trivellin

Great Northern Docks

Rogers Norton Wealth Management Group of Raymond James 

Paul White Company 

Consigli Foundation 

Hannaford Supermarkets


Our camp experience is also not possible without connection with like-minded and creative partners with a passion for helping Maine children and families. Our collaborations with school referral partners in every part of Maine are essential. They evaluate our efforts with focus on changes they see happening for children, and we collaborate in staying current about what our campers need most.

Some community connections take the form of support for staffing, staff development or special initiatives for campers that align with our mission. We love seeing how everyone brings something different to our common vision – making all Maine children feel valued and giving them opportunities to grow.

Celebrate the potential of each child.


“Something I learned from camp this year is one, to be more mature so I can be the best role model possible for younger campers. Another thing I learned was to use my voice more and to be less shy, this will help me in the future by being able to speak up not only for myself but for my friends and people who need someone to speak up for them.”

– Camper Emily