2023 Golf Tournament Registration

April 26, 2023

All proceeds from the Annual Camp Susan Curtis Golf Classic directly benefit Maine children facing economic hardship by providing them with a transformative camp experience that nurtures self-confidence and a sense of belonging.

Camp Susan Curtis offers a free two-week overnight camp experience designed to give new opportunities to kids in need from all over Maine. Children build resilience and confidence through immersive camp programming, where they have opportunities to try new things, make lasting connections, and explore the world around them in a safe, supportive environment. Our compassionate staff are trained to support children’s mental, emotional, and social health.

Since its founding nearly 50 years ago, Camp Susan Curtis has impacted the lives of more than 18,000 children, working towards a greater vision that all Maine children feel valued and have the opportunity to thrive.

“Something I learned from camp this year is one, to be more mature so I can be the best role model possible for younger campers. Another thing I learned was to use my voice more and to be less shy, this will help me in the future by being able to speak up not only for myself but for my friends and people who need someone to speak up for them.”